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Preparing For The Day Of The Lord (Livestream)


The book of Malachi
It’s unpopular to talk about the fear of God, but to fear God is the very essence of Malachi’s message. For those who fear God, and who seek a hiding place; Jesus is their rock and refuge. His body is the covering, and he beckons us to shelter there.

Holy God, Holy People (Livestream)


The book of Leviticus
As we explore the message of Leviticus, we’ll see that the heart of this book points us straight to the cross of Jesus, as a holy God deals with a sinful people.

Return To The Lord (Livestream)


The book of Hosea
The message of the prophet Hosea is a powerful and confronting story of love. Hosea’s dysfunctional marriage serves to show God’s relationship with his people. God’s love is a powerful love, and God’s people must respond.

Waiting On The Lord (Livestream)


The book of Lamentations
This book acts as a eulogy to the city of Jerusalem after its fall in 587BC at a time when God seems to have abandoned his people. Yet through these five poems of lament we’re pointed to the cross of Christ where God offers restoration to all who trust in him.

A Time Such As This (Livestream)


The book of Esther
When life seems uncertain, messy, and difficult we can find ourselves wondering where God is. In the story of Esther we can clearly see God at work behind the scenes for the good of his people.