Sermons by Karl Bonner

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Waiting On The Lord (Livestream)


The book of Lamentations
This book acts as a eulogy to the city of Jerusalem after its fall in 587BC at a time when God seems to have abandoned his people. Yet through these five poems of lament we’re pointed to the cross of Christ where God offers restoration to all who trust in him.

The Servant King (10am)


John 13:1-38
At the final meal Jesus shares with his disciples, a series of stunning events occur. Through John’s narrative we are boldly reminded of the servant nature of Jesus’ kingship.

The Good Shepherd (10am)


John 10:1-42
Jesus is the good shepherd who is kind to his sheep. But we, as his sheep, must not stray from our shepherd, or we may find ourselves in danger.

Signs Of Christ’s Glory (7pm)


John 2:1-25
As Jesus performs the first of his signs – turning water into wine – we begin to see that he is the promised Messiah, bringing about the kingdom of God.