Sermons by Karl Bonner

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Contextualised Ministry (10am)


1 Corinthians 9:1-23
As God’s people share the good news of Jesus with a world that needs to hear it, we need to consider the things on which we must not compromise, and in what areas we are willing to have flexibility in order for the growth of God’s kingdom.

Betrayed (10am)


Matthew 26:14-35
As we begin our Easter series we consider why Jesus brings a passion for life. This week we compare the responses of Judas and Peter to Jesus.

Blessing To All Nations (10am)


Genesis 12
God makes a covenant with Abram. These are key, foundational promises that significantly help us to understand the broader story of the Bible and God’s promises to his people.

Faith Alone (10am)


Romans 3:21-30
As we conclude our series exploring the foundations of the Christian faith, we’re considering what it means to have faith in Jesus, and why that’s so important for salvation.