7pm service

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Contextualised Ministry (7pm)


1 Corinthians 9:1-23
As God’s people share the good news of Jesus with a world that needs to hear it, we need to consider the things on which we must not compromise, and in what areas we are willing to have flexibility in order for the growth of God’s kingdom.

Christ As Lord (7pm)


Colossians 1:15-20
This weekend we commence a new series looking at some of the vital signs of a healthy and flourishing church. First and foremost we must be a community of people who recognise the reality that Jesus Christ is Lord. This must shape our lives and our ministries.

Sealed With A Promise (7pm)


Genesis 15:1-21
Ten years after the promises made to Abram of land, offspring, and blessing, we now see God reaffirming and sealing the promises with a covenant. Through faith in God these promises hold true for all Christians today.

Ruin And Redemption (Part 2)


Genesis 8-9
As the waters of the flood recede we learn that Noah is not the saviour we may had hoped he would be. Renewal and redemption comes only through Jesus Christ.

The World Beyond Eden (7pm)


Genesis 4:1-26
As we move beyond the Garden of Eden we see first-hand the impact of sin in the world. Yet against the bleakness of death, shines the light of the good news of Jesus Christ.