7pm service

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Resurrection Life (7pm)


John 11:1-44
Death is a reality that touches our lives every day. In a world without answers to the problem of death, Jesus promises that death will not have the last word if our trust is in him.

Living Water (7pm)


John 4:1-42
Jesus has a conversation with a woman at a well, through which it becomes clear that the need for spiritual salvation is greater than any physical need. Our identity must be found in Jesus Christ.

The New Birth (7pm)


John 3:1-36
Jesus has a conversation with an important religious leader and outlines that to be part of God’s family someone must be made into a spiritually new person. This occurs through true faith in Jesus, and is the only way to eternal life.

Signs Of Christ’s Glory (7pm)


John 2:1-25
As Jesus performs the first of his signs – turning water into wine – we begin to see that he is the promised Messiah, bringing about the kingdom of God.