10am service

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The Bread Of Life (10am)


John 6:1-40
Another incredible sign is performed by Jesus to make the point that he represents sustenance that endures forever. We cannot survive into eternity without Jesus, the bread of life.

Life Through The Son (10am)


John 5:1-47
As Jesus heals a man who has been unable to walk for many years, we are reminded of what constitutes the ‘good life’. Ultimately life is found through faith in Jesus Christ.

Living Water (10am)


John 4:1-42
Jesus has a conversation with a woman at a well, through which it becomes clear that the need for spiritual salvation is greater than any physical need. Our identity must be found in Jesus Christ.

The New Birth (10am)


John 3:1-36
Jesus has a conversation with an important religious leader and outlines that to be part of God’s family someone must be made into a spiritually new person. This occurs through true faith in Jesus, and is the only way to eternal life.