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The Empty Tomb (10am)


John 20:1-32
John writes of Jesus’ resurrection with careful attention to detail to show that it’s an historically accurate event. More than that however, the resurrection of Jesus is shown to transform lives. Belief in the resurrected Jesus leads to new life.

The Crown Of Suffering (10am)


John 19:1-42
As Jesus dies on the cross he utters the words, “it is finished”. His death is the culmination of many Old Testament prophecies, and shows that he is truly God’s chosen King.

The One For Many (10am)


John 18:1-40
Throughout John’s gospel we are told that Jesus will bring truth. In Jesus, truth has power that brings peace and eternal life. We must listen to Jesus, as he is the truth.

The Servant King (10am)


John 13:1-38
At the final meal Jesus shares with his disciples, a series of stunning events occur. Through John’s narrative we are boldly reminded of the servant nature of Jesus’ kingship.

Anointed For Burial (10am)


John 12:1-36
Following the resurrection of Lazarus crowds flock to Jesus, while the religious leaders plot against him. Amongst this, we are led to consider what it means to see Jesus glorified.