10am service

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Prayer & Purity (10am)


Romans 8:1-17
This week we look at the gospel that changes everything. How do we live as people who have the Spirit of God? And how do we live as the children of God?

Proclamation (10am)


2 Timothy 4:1-5
One of the vital signs of a healthy church is that the preaching of the Bible is at the centre of its ministries. Why is this the case, and how should this shape our attitude to gathering together?

A Greater Inheritance (10am)


Hebrews 11:1-12:3
As we look at this great chapter we consider what ‘faith’ is and what it looks like to be someone who perseveres in faith to the end.

A Greater Confidence (10am)


Hebrews 10:19-39
As we continue in the letter to the Hebrews, we are reminded that Jesus has died so that we might draw near to him. So let’s be people who draw near to him!