Throughout the week, we run various groups for adults to cater to a variety of needs.

Small Groups

During the week there are many different small groups of adults that meet together. These groups are predominantly made up of people who attend one of our Sunday Services, although this is not always the case.

The small groups at St Stephen’s are based on our mission of proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord, calling people to repent, and living lives worthy of him. As such, there are a variety of groups aimed to best meet your needs. Each of these groups are led by competent members of St Stephen’s who are trained and supported by the ministry staff.

  • Christianity Explained
  • Get Going
  • Growth Group
  • Certificate In Theology

This is an introductory group for those wanting to find out more about Christianity and who Jesus is. The group meets one night per week for just five weeks. Nothing is assumed of participants, and the material is designed to be friendly and beneficial for everyone, regardless of your background. New groups are constantly starting up, so we invite you to contact us to register your interest.

These small groups are for those who have joined St Stephen’s and would like to ‘get going’ with their faith. Whether you have been a regular church attender on the past, or have completed Christianity Explained and would like to continue in small groups. People in these groups meet weekly throughout the year, with a focus on reading the Bible and prayer.

For active members of the church looking to grow their faith and find opportunities to serve others. The groups look at the Bible in-depth, and are the springboard for mission activities within our local community. If you are a Christian moving into our area this is where you can form great relationships with others of the same faith.

The opportunity exists for members of St Stephen’s to join a small group working towards a formal certificate in theology. This study is conducted through the external studies department of Moore Theological College. The group meets weekly for the duration of the term, and finishes with a written examination. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone wanting to study the Bible in a supportive environment.