About God

We believe that there is one eternal God, who exists in a relationship of Father, Son and Spirit – one God in three persons. We believe that God is sovereign in all things: including creation, revelation, redemption, judgment and the establishing of his kingdom. He is therefore worthy of our praise and honour.

About Humanity

We believe that men and women are created in the image of God, and therefore enjoy a unique dignity in creation and a unique relationship with God. God has given them rule over the created order. Tragically, at the very beginning of creation, sin entered the world as humans rebelled against God’s right to rule over them. This rebellion continues today and the effects of sin are seen each day in our world and in our own personal lives. Because of this rebellion we are all guilty before God and under his judgement and condemnation. We are unable, without the work of God’s Spirit, to turn ourselves to God.

About the Bible

We believe that the Bible is God’s revelation to us. It is divinely inspired and has supreme authority in all matters of faith, conduct and experience. The Scriptures, which is God’s word, is sufficient for us knowing God. God reveals himself to us through his word so that we may know how to respond to his rightful rule over our life.

About Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. He is both fully God and truly human. He entered fully into human experience. He endured temptation and he suffered and died. He was perfectly obedient to God his Father. Jesus took on himself the consequences of human sin. He died and was buried. On the third day he rose from the dead bodily and is now exalted as ruler over all. He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead.

About how to be right with God – Salvation

We believe that because Jesus died and rose again that he is the only way that we can be brought into relationship with God. It is only through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, as our representative and substitute, that the guilt, penalty and power of sin can be removed. In that death, God demonstrates his love to us most perfectly and establishes his victory over Satan. The work of the Holy Spirit is necessary to make the death of Jesus effective in an individual’s life. The Spirit enables the sinner to repent and put their faith in Jesus Christ, so that salvation is entirely of God’s grace and not of human merit or works.

Although we enjoy now the blessing of union with Christ and a secure relationship with God, we still look forward to the return of Christ, the resurrection of our bodies, and life with him eternally.