Sermons by Bill Winthrop

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Korah’s Rebellion (10am)


Number 16-17
As God’s people continue their journey through the desert, challenges are made to Moses and Aaron’s leadership. This exposes a deeper distrust in God’s sovereign control.

Prayer & Praise (8am)


1 Peter 1:1-7
Today we gather together for special services of prayer and praise, as we give thanks for who God is and what he has done for us, and to pray for those around us.

Focus (10am)


Colossians 2:6-23
Paul writes to remind the Colossian Christians to remain focussed on Jesus, and to remember that he is all that is needed for salvation. Nothing needs to be added to, or taken away from the gospel they first heard.

Known By Name (10am)


John 10:1-30
Today we consider what it means for each of us to be known by God individually – by name. We are reminded that at a fundamental level we are people loved by God and who God knows by name. How wonderful that is.

The Book of Habakkuk (10am)


As we look around the world, it’s easy to see that there’s lots of injustice. The book of Habakkuk helps us to see that ultimately we can trust God to bring final justice.