7pm service

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Death And Resurrection (7pm)


Mark 15:1-16:8
From the chief priests, to Pilate, to the women at the tomb – we see many different responses to Jesus’ death and resurrection. How are we going to respond to these significant events?

Betrayal (7pm)


Mark 14:27-72
In the final hours of Jesus’ earthly life we see that Jesus himself and the disciples find themselves in tough situations. They respond in very different ways. This passage has much to teach us about trusting in God’s sovereign control of all things.

Apocalypse (7pm)


Mark 13:1-37
A firm warning is given by Jesus that one day the world will end. We are reminded that we need to be prepared for that day when Jesus himself will return.

The Warning And The Widow (7pm)


Mark 12:38-44
As Mark’s gospel continues we see Jesus speaking about what it means to truly respond to him. He warns the teachers of the law, and highlights the generosity of a poor widow.

Four Questions (7pm)


Mark 12:13-37
Jesus is challenged by three groups of people who fail to recognise who he truly is. Are we so comfortable in our own Christianity that we also fail to see Jesus for who he truly is?