5pm service

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Known In Christ (5pm)


Various passages
As Christians we are known and loved intimately by God. The Bible speaks about our relationship with God as being ‘in Christ’. But what does it mean to be ‘in Christ’, and how does this help us live day-to-day?

Known By God (5pm)


Psalm 139
The identity that we form about ourselves determines the things that we value. The great news of the gospel of Jesus is that both our identity and our value are given to us as gifts.

The Book of James (5pm)


One of the main topics that comes up in the book of James is the use of our tongues and how we speak to people. We need to take seriously our words whether in person or online, and consider what they reflect about the condition of our hearts and whether we are truly following the Lord Jesus as the ruler of our lives.

The Book of Job (5pm)


When you suffer you think and feel you are alone. But ironically, while suffering makes us feel alone, it is one of the universal experiences of humanity. Where is God in our suffering?