5pm service

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Feeding 4,000 (5pm)


Mark 8:1-21
Here we see Jesus once again feeding a large crowd, this time a Gentile crowd. This passage challenges us to consider our own blindness to God, which can only be fixed by a changed heart.

Entering Gentile Territory (5pm)


Mark 7:24-37
This week we see Jesus heading into Gentile territory and showing grace to those who weren’t from a Jewish background. We are reminded to be grateful that God’s new covenant brings in all people from all nations into his Kingdom through faith in Jesus.

Problem With Pharisees (5pm)


Mark 7:1-23
In this passage the Pharisees fail to see the true problem, and as a result their solution is inadequate. They think washing, tithing, and rule-keeping will help them, but it only serves to build their own self-righteousness.

Walking On Water (5pm)


Mark 6:45-56
As Jesus walks on water in the presence of his disciples, they are forced to continue to consider who Jesus is. We too must continue to consider who we really believe Jesus is.

Focus (5pm)


Colossians 2:6-23
Paul writes to remind the Colossian Christians to remain focussed on Jesus, and to remember that he is all that is needed for salvation. Nothing needs to be added to, or taken away from the gospel they first heard.