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Zelophehad’s Daughters (10am)


Numbers 27 & 36
As we conclude our series in the book of Numbers we learn of a group of daughters whose hope of an inheritance drives their actions. As God’s people today our hope of eternal life with God must drive how we live now.

Phinehas (10am)


Numbers 25
This is not a pleasant chapter in the Bible as we see Israel descend into sexual immorality and worshipping a foreign god. God is rightly angry for he regards sin very seriously, especially the sin of worshipping other gods and not him.

Balaam (10am)


Numbers 22-24
In this section of Numbers the narrative shifts to focus on events away from God’s people. Through these events we see that God is continuing to work behind the scenes for the good of his people.

Korah’s Rebellion (10am)


Number 16-17
As God’s people continue their journey through the desert, challenges are made to Moses and Aaron’s leadership. This exposes a deeper distrust in God’s sovereign control.

Complaining (10am)


Numbers 11-12
Despite all that God has done for them, God’s people are prone to grumbling and complaining about relatively trivial matters. Instead of complaining they could be taking their concerns to God and asking him to change their attitude.