10am service

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The Coming Cross (10am)


Mark 10:32-52
As Jesus continues on his journey towards Jerusalem his disciples are seeking to make a name for themselves. Jesus reminds us that true greatness comes in serving others, and that it is in him that we can become great ourselves.

The Cost Of Possessions (10am)


Mark 10:17-31
The distractions of this life and our reliance on possessions means that we take our eyes off our need for Jesus. But nothing is impossible with God and fortunately through the work of the Spirit he brings people like us to himself through faith in Jesus Christ.

Marriage And Divorce (10am)


Mark 10:1-16
Marriage is a good thing, but sin has made it a difficult thing. Where does divorce fit into this picture? The good news is that we can address this issue because Jesus has come to bring healing and forgiveness. Jesus has come because we need him.

Warning About Sin (10am)


Mark 9:42-50
Jesus continues to teach about the costly nature of discipleship, as he warns about the reality of hell and the danger of sin. For believers today we need not fear hell as our certain hope of eternal life is secured through Jesus.

What Is Greatness? (10am)


Mark 9:30-41
As the disciples argue over who is the greatest, we can look to Jesus as a model of humility. In many areas of life and ministry, pride has the ability to cause great trouble.